Thursday, September 9, 2010

TV Series Review - Justified

I had been following the tv series "Justified" which just ended it's run on Star World, and I strongly recommend the program. The series, which starts Timothy Olyphant as a cowboy hat wearing no-nonsense US Marshall, is extremly entertaining in a laid back style that is Kentucky.

Olyphant plays US Marshall Raylan Givens, who is transferred back to his home state of Kentucky after shooting a drug kingpin in Miami (As Givens would say, it was Justified). There, he reports to his ex-trainer in the academy, father-figure Art Mullen (Nick Searcy) and have two side kicks  Rachel Brooks (Erica Tazel) and Jacob Pitts (Tim Gutterson).Unbeknowing to him, his ex-wife has also settled down in Lexington, Kentucky, where his office is based. To top off the complications, there is also the ex-love interest who happens to be a homicide defendant and a key witness for one of Given's cases.

Throughout the series, Marshall Givens tangles with the Crowders, a bunch of rednecks running the roost in Kentucky. The Crowders are also split into two factions, one led by father Bo and the other by son Boyd. There is also the small matter of Given's father Arlo, who happens to be another hustler serving time.

This series is adapted from the Elmore Leonard short story and runs for 13 episodes in the first season. It has since been renewed for the second season.

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