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Horror movies of 2010

Top Horror movies of 2010

Horror themes are one of the most popular genres in movie making as it is likely to make the audience grip their seats with anticipating and suspense. There are many horror movies released each year but not all of them are of good quality. Actually there are bound to be more bad tasting horror movies than good ones because the horror movie genre is so difficult to get right. However, if done properly horror movies can be extremely successful and entertaining.

Although there have been a few classics like Saw, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream, the past decade have not been kind to the horror movie genre. Most of the movies have been substandard at the very best and does not compare with the classics of old. In 2010, the genre did not produce many memorable movies but here is a list of the better ones.

The Crazies

This is by far one of the top horror movies of 2010. A remake of the 1973 movie of the same name, it is both horror and science fiction movie. The plot revolves around the people of Odgen Marsh in Iowa show has been infected by a virus. The virus will turn people into zombies within 48 hours ultimately destroying most of the people in the town.

The Last Exorcism

This amazing movie is about a Reverend who is thinking about quitting the exorcism game. He allows himself one last exorcism to be captured on film. Unfortunately this last exercise turns out to be his most difficult one.

Piranha 3D

Another remake of an old movie, Piranha 3D updates the tale of the carnivorous creatures who are released into a river after an earthquake. The fishes end up in a town famous as a spring break destination and wreak havoc among the tourist.

Saw 3D

This horror genre classic is given the 3D treatment and focuses on a man claiming to have survived the Jigsaw. He writes a memoir regarding his experiences but is embroiled in a true Jigsaw came where he has to save his own wife. Besides being in 3D, the plot and beautifully shot scenes make it one of the top horror movies in 2010.

Let Me In

This is a Swedish movie about a 12 year old boy and his vampire girlfriend. The vampire finally falls in love with the boy but cannot resist the temptation of real human blood. Even though she has been warned of the consequences, the girl tempts fate by getting closer to the boy and harming every one they come in contact with.


This movie is about the alternate reality were vampires ruled the world and human are being hunted or farmed for their blood. As the number of human diminishes the blood thirsty vampires turn on themselves to devastating effect. The only release for the human is finding a cure of to vampirism. Ethan Hawke stars as the hero in the movie.

There are many movies of the horror genre which came out in 2010 but many did not make it to the cinemas as they were found not worthy of the screen time. Many of these went straight to DVD so you might want search through the racks for one that you might have missed.

A Collection of the Top War Movies

A Collection of the Top War Movies
War movies have always been a favourite of cinema-goers as they flock to the movies for the latest release. There have been many classics in this genre but here is a list of the top war movies of all time.

Directed and written by Oliver Stone, this is the first of 3 war movies by the director. It is set during the Vietnam War about a US army soldier and his experiences during the war. This movie is famous for its realistic portrayal of the hardship and horror of fighting in Vietnam

Full Metal Jacket
This 1987 war themed movie by director Stanley Kubrick is based on the Gustav Hasford novel The Short Timers. The movie title takes its name from the full metal jacket bullet utilized by the infantry. The film follows a two Marines through their training and actual warfare during Vietnam War.

Das Boot
Das Boot or the Boat is a German war movie directed by acclaim German director Wolgang Petersen. The movie is about the lives of the crew about the German U-boat, U96. It shows both the tedious hunt aboard a submarine and the excitement of going to war. This movie is based on the true story of Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock, a captain in the German army and commander of the U-96.

L’Armée des Ombres
The title is translated as Army of Shadows and it is a French Moie about the experiences of a French Resistance soldiers who fought against the Nazi in German occupied France. Army of Shadows follows the small group as they work with Allied forces and move quietly trying to evade German forces. While it does portray the group as heroes, it does not paint a romantic view of the French Resistance.

The Pianist.
This Roman Polanski directed movie is an adaptation from the biography of Jewish Polish musician Władysław Szpilman. It is a production which combines the best of British, German, French and Polish film companies and stars Adrien Brody in the leading role.

The Bridge on the River Kwai
This old classic is about the construction of the Burma Railway and the fictional Bridge on River Kwai. Besides being revered as one of the best war movies, the theme song The Longest Day is a favourite of many.

Lawrence of Arabia
This movie is widely considered as one of the top war movies of all time. It stars Peter O’Toole in the leading role and depicts the story of Lawrence in Arabia during World War 1. Its themes revolves around Lawrence’s personal identity, his divided allegiance between Britain and the Arabian desert tribes and his struggles with war violence,

Essentially a romantic movie, it is placed here because of the setting. Its background of World War 2 gives the movie the atmosphere of romance and desperation. With Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman as its leading stars, the movie is a classic tale of love and virtue in a time of war. There classic line “Here’s looking at you kid” is etched in the annals of movie making history.

Top Animated Movies of 2010

One of the most endearing movie genres to captivate audience is the animated movie. They deliver and guarantee top quality entertainment and fun for the whole family. Watching an animated movie is the escapism into fantasy that you have always dreamt about. The special effects and vibrant colors are a delightful spectacle, with movies like Fantasia, Tom and Jerry, Aladdin among the more popular favourites. You almost never get tired of watching animated movies. It used to be only Disney that produce the best animated movies but now with more independent studios like Dreamworks and Pixar, we are blessed with the best animated movies all year through.

2010 was great for animated movies especially with the opening of the much anticipated final chapter of the Shrek saga. Among the more successful animated movies of 2010 are:

Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs Evil
This is the sequel of the first movie which was released way back in 2005. It is a story about Red Riding Hood investigating the disappearance of the children storybook favourite Hansel and Gretel. Featuring the voice talents of Martin Short, Hayden Panettiere, Joan Cusack and Glen Close, the movie was just as successful as its predecessor at the box office.

Toy Story 3
In what could possibly be the last movie in the franchise, Woody and Buzz Lightyear are back for this third instalment. In this movie, Woody and the rest of the gang are left in a day care centre fending for themselves against other more antagonistic characters including Ken or Barbie and Ken fame. This is the most successful animated movie of 2010 and was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

Shrek Forever After
The much anticipated Shrek 4 or better known as Shrek Forever After brings back the gang for another adventure. This time, Shrek is tricked into spending his life in an alternate reality where Donkey does not know him and Fiona is no longer his bride. This movie again features the talents Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas and Eddie Murphy as Donkey

Beauty and the Beast
Actually this is not a new release as it is one of the oldest Disney movies. However it was re-released in 2010 after major upgrading of the computer graphics and sound effects. The tale of classic love and sacrifice still managed to capture the hearts of the audiences who turn out in droves to support this movie.

Despicable Me
Billed as Steve Carrell last animation movie so the expectations were very high. He was widely acclaimed for this voice performance in Horton Hears a Who! And this time he plays a lovable super villain who is willing to literally capture the moon to upstage his opponent. As he unveils his devilish plot, he mistaken becomes attached to a group of orphans which makes him reconsider his actions. It is an interesting mix of emotions and comic relief that made this movie as box-office hit and one of the best animated movies of 2010.