Friday, September 3, 2010

Iphone App Review - Remind Me

If you are like me and have a very forgetful mind, then this app is definitely one for keeps. It’s an app to remind you of whatever that you need remind off, be it a shopping list, to do item and the like.

Once you enter the app, you can start to fill in the index cards which is the place where you put in the information that you are trying to remember. There are 6 different background designs and 8 different note styles for you to choose from as your index card. Once you have finished customizing your index card, just save it, go to settings, choose the new wallpaper and voila you have your reminder sitting on your iphone. Everytime you look at your phone, you will be reminded of your item.

I find this app extremely useful and worth the $0.99 that you are going to pay for it.

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