Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movie Review- Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Michael Douglas reprises the role that brought him an Oscar after he encapsulated the Eighties in three words.GREED IS GOOD.

Now the actor himself and director Oliver Stone is taking another shot at Wall Street, this time dealing with the financial market meltdown from 2008.

The film is centered on a thrusting young trader Jake Moore, played by Shia LaBeouf. He is a specialist in renewable energy deals and the place he works bears an uncanny resemblance to Bear Sterns.  He has a beautiful girlfriend, Winnie (Carey Mulligan), who runs a green news website, and as the plot unfolds, also happens to be Gordon Gekko's daughter.

Jake’s bank crashes and is bought out by Churchill Schwartz , bringing Jake’s mentor down with it. Soon Jake is working for Churchill Schwartz and looking for revenge. Gekko,  now out of prison after his scams from the first movie is there to help, in exchange for Jake arranging a reconciliation with Winnie. Jake goes into battle with the bank’s head honcho, the cunning and deceitful Bretton James (Josh Brolin).

Scenes of corporate bailouts and destroyed businesses dominate the movie. Gekko, too, is a broken man – unable to get back into the game he owned in the 80s or to reconcile with his daughter.

Indeed, for most of the film, which runs for more than two hours, he is almost unrecognizable as the man who once said, ‘Greed is good’. But as the film twists midway through, we’re dragged straight back into his deceitful games. And they’re just as captivating now as they were in the first one.

Douglas and LaBeouf spark brilliantly, and Mulligan once again proves her talent as Gekko’s daughter. There’s no doubt Stone has injected his film with plenty of politics about the state of the finance industry, but the script is fortunately fresh and enduring to the audience.

I must admit I didn't see a sequel for this movie but after 23 years, it is something worth waiting for.

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