Thursday, September 2, 2010

I have always like Neil Humphrey's writing ever since he published his first book ‘Notes from a small island” where wrote about the travails in his transplanted home of Singapore. Now with “Match Fixer”, Humphrey’s take a dig at the world of Asian football and the disease that has plagued the game in many Asian countries: match fixing.

The story follows Chris Osborne, a former West Ham player as he plies his trade in the Singapore Professional Football League, the S-League and how he gets caught up in a web of bookies, karaoke lounges , drugs and a host of seedy characters.
Humphrey’s in-depth knowledge of underbelly of Singapore and the way of life in this city state makes the novel an entertaining read. His observations from his stay in Singapore gives the story a local flavor without overdoing it and alienating readers not familiar with the culture or country.

There are very few books on Asian football and you can hardly find one that touches on match fixing so this book is both enlightening and educational. This book is a must read anyone who likes football in particular the Asian football fan.

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