Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Review - Private by James Patterson

Private is the latest offering from prolific writer James Patterson, he of the Alex Cross series. Here he again teams up with Maxine Pietro to deliver another high caliber mystery novel that will have the hallmarks of a good James Patterson novel: mystery, intrigue, suspense and a little romance by the side. The writing is clear and fast pace so it reads easily.
This is co-authors second collaboration after the Women’s Murder Club series

Plot Synopsis;
Jack Morgan is head of Private a well known private investigation company . In this debut novel, Jack has his hands full will cases running from a NFL betting scandal, the murder of his best friend’s wife and the unsolved killings of schoolgirls in the city.

Jack Morgan is a former army veteran who now runs, Private, the private investigative company to the rich and famous. Jack inherited the company from his father and turned it into a multi million corporation with branches around the world. In this book, the readers follow Jack as he tries to solve a NFL betting scandal and also the sudden murder of his best friend’s trophy, who also happens to be Jack’s former crush.

Jack ‘s right hand person in the firm is Janice, who had a previous relationship with Jack but broke up with no hard feelings. Both of them are called in to help the city police to solve a series of murders to young schoolgirls. Jack has also to contend with issues regarding his younger brother, who is insanely jealous of Jack. To top it off, Jack is having a relationship with his assistant to deliver a very suprising twist to end the book.

All in all, this book is a very good and easy read for all Patterson fans. The pace is quick and any reader should be able to go through the book quite easily. The chapters are well though off and keeps you wanting to read more.

Based on the many James Patterson books that have been turned into movies or tv series, I won’t be surprise that this book will make its way to the silver screen in the near future.

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