Monday, March 21, 2011

TV Series Review - Nikita

Is “Nikita” good? It depends on your definition of the word. On one hand, it will remind you of cheesy action programs complete with over-the-top dialogue, two-dimensional characters, and ridiculous plot twists that defy all logic. On the other hand, not everything needs to be intellectually challenging to be entertaining. “Nikita” is ridiculous in all the ways that we want a show about a super-sexy trained assassin to be ridiculous. Luc Besson and fans of the original-and-far-superior “La Femme Nikita” may not be too happy that their source has been turned into a B-show but this character has grown much bigger than the original film.

The ridiculously sexy Maggie Q steps into the stiletto heels of Anne Parillaud, Bridget Fonda, and Peta Wilson as the title character now reimagined as someone who was burned by the agency for which she worked as a hired killer and now has the solitary goal of bringing them down. In the pilot, Nikita resurfaces after being assumed dead and makes clear her intention to bring down the company that killed her only love.

While Nikita is causing problems on the outside, we’re also introduced to a new recruit played by Lyndsy Fonseca and several of the other young future “Nikitas” (including the great Ashton Holmes of “A History of Violence”). The show cross-cuts between the “training” of a new assassin and the revenge planned by their most notorious one. Will Nikita bring down the company? Will the new girl be a hero or villain?

Of course, the plot is mostly an excuse to watch Maggie Q kick some ass.The most important element of the first episode — the action scenes — are well-done and entertaining. The program features film-caliber production values and, unlike most of the boring junk in theaters this year, never takes itself too seriously. Having said that, it’s strikingly easy to see this program falling apart shortly after its premiere by trying to become something more like “Alias” instead of focusing on its B-movie charms.

I’m hoping for the best, because NIKITA is hands down one of the freshest and better looking new series this fall. It’s unapologetic in its approach, Maggie Q is phenomenal to watch and there’s so many cool characters, you’re foaming at the mouth anticipating what’s coming next

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