Monday, March 21, 2011

iPhone App Review: Game Development Story

If you have ever dreamt of building a computer games empire (not just an empire within a computer game), then this title is for you.

Game Development Story is a mobile game for the iOS platform and puts you as the boss of a game development studio. Your job is to develop games and market them wisely. This includes management of staff, advertising, contracts, and much more. Although it is a simplified model of the real world out there, it still contains little quirks and details that make it as realistic as it can be.

This however is a management game, so you don’t actually do the game design or programming. The game involves you making the decision in choosing the attributes that affect the quality of work games. The four main attributes are: Creativity, Fun, Sound, and Graphics.

You influence these attributes by employing and delegating the right people for the job, balancing in-house designers with suppliers who can also do the job for you.

Once the game is completed, it needs to be produced, and production comes with headaches of its owns. As in real-life, production is never trouble free so you get problems such blackouts and other natural disasters, being tripped up by a competitor who releases a similar game ahead of you, or having the game console you were developing for taken off the shelves due to poor sales.

If you manage to clear all the development and production issues and your game is completed, it will be rated by a magazine. This magazine has four reviewers who will score your item from 1 to 10. The ratings will determine your sales performance which is the ultimate aim of the title, and will lead you to making as much money as possible. The money can then be used to further your progress in the game such as expanding your company, advertising, acquiring better licenses, and so on.

What make this game interesting and cool is the many throwbacks to what we are familiar in our current game world. Over the course of the game, you will come across company like "Senga," consoles like "Sonny Playstatus" and "Intendro IES," and games like “Space Barrier."

Although the game sounds simple, it does take a huge amount of strategy to be successful. And, it is very addictive. I started playing the game thinking I would give it about 10-20 minutes but ended playing through the night.

It is just one of those games which you find it difficult to give up in the middle of a session, so please be aware and make sure you have the time before starting.

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