Friday, November 19, 2010

Green Lantern trailer released

Article first published as Green Lantern Trailer Released on Technorati.

The trailer for the newest movie featuring recently crowned Sexiest Man Alive has just been released. Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds, who was recently awarded the aforementioned accolade by People Magazine. The film also stars Tim Robbins, Peter Sarsgaard, and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively. The extended trailer reveals a lot of the movie, which is scheduled to open during the summer blockbuster period in 2010.
Reynolds will play the hero Hal Jordan who receives a ring when he saves an alien who has crash-landed on our planet. Hal soon discovers the powers that the ring brings and uses it to save the universe as we know it from all sorts of alien adversaries. Reynolds has previously said that this is his dream character given his fondness for the superhero and thinks that this new film will match up to previous superhero hits like Batman and Spiderman.
Reynolds said, “If a superhero movie is done right, you can craft an incredible film. There have been superhero movies that I think are brilliant pieces of art. But also you have to remember it’s escapist movie making – we want to be captivated and taken away.”


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